Our Mission

With our high-quality refreshing coffee, delectable pastries and the relaxing environment, every moment you spend in Lassana is inspiring and stress-free. Take a break with us to recharge yourself with incomparable pleasure and refreshment.


Our Coffee

The quality and freshness of our coffee is guaranteed as we persist in the supreme preciseness in every procedure- from sourcing coffee beans and bean roasting for our own blend, to the final delivery to you.


Our Food

Lassana offers hundred percent additive-free pastries and cakes. Without any preservatives or artificial flavours, we ensure you the sweetest enjoyment of the natural light repasts.


Our Guest

Interaction is important as each of you are unique. We are willing to hear all kinds of opinions while spreading our own philosophy.


Our Store

Lassana is pieced up by each of you. All Lassana can provide is freedom. Enjoy your time.


Our Partners

Always treating each others with enthusiasm and dignity is the way leading Lassana to success, providing a role model for our team to follow.

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